5 Great Motorcycle Apps you Need to Check Out!

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If you are a motorcycle and technology enthusiast - you need to check out these 5 great motorcycle apps that add value to your ride.

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Diablo Super Biker | READ MORE »

Diablo Super Biker App offers two options; Track mode or Road mode.  This app tracks your rides via GPS and recreates your route - providing you with a variety of data, including your speed and corner lean angles. When on Road mode, the app tells you the length of your ride, your max speed, average speed, your best lean angle and replay your ride.  In Track mode, the app will tell you your fastest lap time and compare laps, so you can evaluate your performance.  In addition, this app helps you track your daily commute allowing you to look back on where you frequently lose time.

Best Biking Roads | READ MORE »

The Best Biking Roads App is fantastic for providing you with a variety of great riding routes and all you have to do is put in your address!  With over 10,000 routes covering 80 countries, you will be sure to find several new routes that will grab your attention.  The list is constantly expanding as riders log their trips and share. This app has you covered for whatever ride you are looking for whether thrilling or scenic.

Rain Alarm | READ MORE »

A motorcyclist never wants to get caught in the rain!  This app is designed to help you prepare for precipitation and lets you know how much rain is on the way and when you can expect it.  The alarms can be personalized and it’s available in both English and French.

Wind-Chill Index | READ MORE »

We understand how the wind-chill impacts your ride.  This app allows you to quickly see what the temperature would feel like based on wind speeds and your own riding speed so you can ensure you are properly dressed for your ride.

First Aid by the Canadian Red Cross | READ MORE »

This is a great app for all those riders who like to get off the beaten path.  The app contains some helpful tips complete with pictures and videos that cover critical first aid situations. You can also pre-load the content to your phone which means you’ll have access to the first aid information even without reception or internet connection.

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