The Best Way to Photograph your Motorcycle

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As the warmer weather approaches, the more likely we are to be enjoying our bikes, touring Ontario and photographing our motorcycles. With our suggestions, ANYONE can take magazine quality pictures!

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When we think of summer riding we think of shiny bikes and documenting our trips. Taking pictures of your bike isn’t as easy as it seems to be, which is why we have provided you with some suggestions to ensure you capture your bike in all its glory!

Check the time

Unfortunately, to capture the ideal shot of your bike you need a soft light, which means a few minutes after sunset, or a few minutes before sunrise.

Avoid reflections

Make sure you are avoiding reflections – remember your bike (when shiny) is like a mirror.  Furthermore, having an open space behind you (like an empty parking lot, field, etc.) is ideal. Also, make sure you are not captured in the photo!

Use a tripod

If you have a tripod for your cell or camera it really helps, as you can set a timer to ensure your reflection isn’t in the picture, and it helps steady the shot.

Select the background

It’s important to select a background that complements your bike. According to Digital Photography School, “avoid having things in the background that will distract the eye”. 

Getting awesome shots of your motorcycle is a great way to show off your bike in its glory! Try it this summer and let us know how it goes. We Want to See your Summer Touring Pictures >> Submit Here.

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