What Should I Wear: Summer Motorcycle Gear

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Summer is here, and so is the hot, humid weather. There are plenty of summer motorcycle gear options to keep you cool without sacrificing your protection.

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When it is hot outside, the last thing you want to do is suit up with a lot of gear. Finding gear with the right fabrics and features can help you to beat the heat.

Hot Weather Motorcycle Gear

Look for gear that has:

  • Strategically placed abrasion resistant materials
  • Lightweight and breathable materials, such as ventilated jackets and mesh pants, that provide protective materials and maximize airflow 
  • Light colours

Hot Weather Motorcycle Gloves

Look for gloves that have:

  • Venting systems with air intake vents (some open and close allowing you to control airflow) 
  • Protection for palms, knuckles, and backs of hands, such as skid pads, scaphoid protection, and hard knuckles 
  • Lightweight, perforated leather, which allows for good grip and airflow  
  • Gel pads on palms to provide anti-vibration advantages 
  • Cooler man-made fabrics to wick and evaporate moisture

Still too hot?

  • Wet bandanas, neckbands, or neck tubes can offer relief from the heat and protection from the sun. You can also wet your hair to cool down.
  • Cover up black seats, and black gas tanks 
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses. Pack an extra pair...just incase.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

You do not need to sacrifice your safety to stay cool. Be comfortable this summer while staying protected with the right gear. Check out some of these summer gear options. 

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Source: olympiagloves.com


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