How to Pick the Right Motorcycle Boots

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There are lots of options when looking for motorcycle boots, but it is important to choose a boot that fits both you, and your bike. Asking yourself these questions can help you to decide on a boot that will offer you comfort and protection.

How to Pick Motorcycle Boots, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

In part one of this two part blog series on the importance of selecting the right motorcycle boot, we discuss How to Pick the right Motorcycle Boot. Don't miss part two - Safety Features you need in your Motorcycle Boots

What kind of bike am I riding and how am I riding it?

Different boots are designed for different bikes. Doing research on your bike is important to understand what you need from your boot. All boots need to be sturdy but boots have characteristics specific to your bike and how you ride. If you are riding a street bike, your boots should be made of leather and have over the ankle protection, whereas a boot designed for dirt bikes should have lots of plastic armor and ankle support. For a street bike, firm synthetic soles help to grip the pavement during stops and provides comfort when pushing down on the footpegs. This is different than the sole of a dirt bike boot, which is smoother and allows you to put your foot down in corners during flat track-style slides.

How much am I willing to spend?

Work or outdoors boots might cost less, but they do not offer the same protection and construction as motorcycle boots. The engineering and materials in motorcycle boots are not cheap. Spending a lot of money might not be an option, but even cheaper motorcycle boots are better than everyday shoes. These boots are designed with the rider in mind and will be more durable, comfortable, and protective than everyday fashion or work boots.

We hope this has helped you to decide on the type of boots that are right for you. Stay tuned for part 2 of our series on motorcycle boots: Safety Features To Look For When Picking Motorcycle Boots.

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