5 Brilliant Ways to Be a More Polite Motorcyclist

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We’ve all experienced our share of rude drivers on the road – it’s something we anticipate every ride. Being a polite motorcyclist will not only ensure your safety, it will encourage others to do the same.

5 Brilliant Ways to Be a More Polite Motorcyclist, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

When it comes to your safety don’t play around, follow these tips to being a more polite motorcyclist.

1| Signal

Remember, as a motorcyclist you are riding in the open with significantly less protection than if you were in a car.  Throughout your ride - always signal your intent and you can even add hand signals to ensure everyone around you understands what move you are about to make - this will ensure better safety. 

2| Don’t Be Indecisive

Being an indecisive motorcyclist is extremely dangerous and could get you seriously injured or killed.  Know your route, set your pace and follow through on your actions. For example, as a rider, if you signaled in error, follow through on the turn, as you can always turn around after.

3| Be Aware of Drivers Around You

Stay alert and aware of how drivers are behaving around you. This will help you anticipate their moves, thus allowing you to correct accordingly. 

4| Stay Out of the Way

Don’t be the motorcyclist holding up the rest of traffic.  When merging, get up to the speed of traffic as quickly as possible and stay in the appropriate lane.  Don’t ride in the passing lane unless you are keeping up with everyone else’s speed.

5| Be Visible to Other Drivers

Never assume drivers have seen you, even if they have made eye contact with you.  Make sure you ride with your lights on, even in the daylight - to ensure your safety.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Not only will you be a more polite rider, but you will remain safe while on the road!

Source: www.rideapart.com


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