Simple (But Important) Things to Remember About Spring Riding

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We can hardly wait for our first spring ride and since it’s almost here we wanted to share some simple things to ensure you and your motorcycle are ready!

Things to Remember About Spring Riding, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Before you go out on your first spring ride, here are some spring riding tips you need to remember.

#1 Parking Lot Practice

If you parked your bike for the winter, take the time to get used to riding it again by riding in a parking lot before you go onto the road.  You can practice clutch control and ensure your bike is running properly.

#2 Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Ready

After you take off your motorcycle cover, you will have a lot to do to make sure your bike is ready to ride.  Check out Things Nobody Told You About Spring Bike Preparation for more details.

#3 Professional Inspection

Besides completing our spring motorcycle preparation list, you can also take your motorcycle to a professional to complete a spring safety inspection. While this does cost money, it may save you more in the long run and can help to prevent issues due to mechanical failures.

#4 Stay Alert

Spring does bring nicer weather, but that doesn’t mean remnants of winter have all disappeared. Traction can be terrible in the spring because of leftover sand and salt on the roads.  Potholes are also very common after winter so be extra careful to avoid them.

#5 Share the Road

Since many motorcyclists park their bikes for the winter, other vehicles are not used to seeing motorcycles on the road.  Drive safely and cautiously and remain visible to other drivers.  For more tips, check out 5 Brilliant Ways to Be a More Polite Motorcyclist.

We hope you enjoy a safe spring riding season! 



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