Most Effective Ways to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

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April showers bring May flowers - so check out the most effective ways to ride your motorcycle safely in the rain.

Ways to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Spring weather means 2 things; 1 rain and 2 more motorcyclists will be on the road.  Here are some helpful tips on how to ride your motorcycle safely in the rain.

#1 Watch Where You Ride

Avoid riding on the paint that marks the lanes because that it becomes slippery when it gets wet.  Always look ahead so you can take note of any obstacles and ride smoothly.

#2 Take It Easy - Slow Down

When you ride slower you have more time to look ahead, observe obstructions on the road and have enough time to come up with a plan to avoid them.  Also, you won’t have to harshly apply your brakes, which means you will be less likely to slide or lose control of your motorcycle. When approaching a red light, start braking even earlier than you have to.

#3 Leave Room for Other Vehicles

Give other vehicles as much room as possible.  If you are riding too slowly for the person behind you, allow them to pass you.  It’s wiser to have an unsafe driver ahead of you so you can stay away from them, rather than too closely behind you.

#4 Examine the Tread on Your Tires

The tread on your tires plays an essential role in keeping you safe while riding your motorcycle in the rain.  Tire tread removes water from between the tire and road and without enough tread, the grip is reduced. 

#5 Ride With the Right Motorcycle Equipment

If you ride your motorcycle in the rain, you will get wet, but there are steps you can take to stay comfortable and warm.  Wear appropriate rain clothes, as being cold decreases your ability to concentrate and control your motorcycle.  Buy gloves with a waterproof membrane so your hands stay warm and dry.  If your hands are cold and go numb, you will not be able to ride safely. You should also consider that your visor will likely fog in rainy weather.  You can purchase an anti-fog insert and install it on your visor to help prevent your helmet from fogging up.

While we wish every day could be sunny, we know spring brings a lot of rain, we hope our tips help keep you safe if you ride in the rain!



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