Does Ontario's Motorcycle Permit System Need to Change?

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Some motorcyclists believe that a more extensive motorcycle training program needs to be implemented in Ontario. We’ve divulged our thoughts on this hot topic!

Does Ontario's Motorcycle Permit System Need to Change? StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

What’s involved in getting motorcycle training in Ontario?

In Ontario, any riders who are 16 and older, can ride a motorcycle without any training or past experience – they simply have to pass the written test.  Currently, there is not a road test for motorcyclists to pass. With an increase in training and the need to pass a road test, motorcyclists could stay safer and the amount of motorcycle related accidents could be reduced.  We’ve outlined all the Government approved motorcycle training courses for new riders, however, it is not mandatory.

Should we mirror Europe’s system?

One suggestion might be that we follow Europe’s example where motorcycle licenses are coupled with an individual’s age and the power of the motorcycle. This will allow the individual to have better control over the motorcycle and learn on a bike more suitable for their size and skill.  The opposing side suggests though, that it’s the rider and not the motorcycle that causes accidents.

We shouldn’t learn about motorcycle safety from accidents after they happen.

This leads to another key factor which is education and education should not be reserved solely for motorcyclists.  All drivers on the road should be made aware of motorcycle road safety.

Finally, experience plays a major part in motorcycle safety.  Ultimately, motorcyclists should be extremely familiar with the motorcycle they own. It would be wise to first practice in controlled environments with low traffic and then eventually work up to busier roads and highways.

What do you think about Ontario’s motorcycle training and permit system?  Does it need to change?



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