All You Need To Know About Washing Your Motorcycle

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Believe it or not, there are right and wrong techniques to wash your motorcycle.

All You Need To Know About Washing Your Motorcycle, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Questions you need to ask before you start washing your motorcycle

  1. How much time are you willing to put into washing it?
  2. What type of paint was used on your motorcycle?
  3. What’s the age and condition of your bike?

All of these are important questions that will help you to choose the right cleaning products and use correct techniques for your motorcycle.

5 steps to achieving a perfectly washed motorcycle

If you want to have a nice clean finish, there are five steps you should follow:

  1. Avoid washing your motorcycle when the engine is hot, wait for it to cool down.
  2. If possible, select a shaded spot to wash your bike, as contaminants are easier to wash off a cool motorcycle.
  3. When it comes to the products you use, make sure you have a pH level between six and eight, as this will make sure there is no damage to your paint.
  4. If you see any scuff marks on the paint, use a polishing soap that is reputable to take them off. Remember, you’ll need a polish that is designed for a modern paint finish. Using a polish for a matte finish will cause damage to your motorcycle's paint.
  5. Waxing your motorcycle leaves a UV barrier protection for your paint. To get the best benefits from using wax, ensure you apply it regularly.

We hope this summer you utilize these motorcycle washing techniques as they will keep your bike in pristine condition. Don’t forget to submit your summer touring pictures to us!



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