Tips for Obtaining your Motorcycle Licence in Ontario

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Interested in obtaining your motorcycle licence in Ontario? We’ve made it simple for you with our informative tips - check them out!

Tips for Obtaining your Motorcycle License, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

If you’re looking at getting your motorcycle licence, M1, M2, or M, there are some things you should know.  It’s a very similar process to getting your G drivers licence in Ontario, with a few exceptions of course!

TIP #1 | M1 Written Test - Not what you’d expect...

The first stop on the road to getting your motorcycle licence is the M1 written test. If you think that in your M1 written test you’d only be tested on the rules of the road pertaining to motorcycles and road signs - you’d be wrong. In Ontario, they require you to write (or re-write) your G1 all over again. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it's the written test for rules of the road pertaining to cars.

So, when you go to write your M1, make sure you’ve studied both the Ontario motorcycle and car road rules.

TIP #2 | M2 Driving Test - Your options when it comes to taking the test...

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to take your M2 driving test at a registered Ontario DriveTest Center. You can take it through any certified Government Approved Safety Course in Ontario.

Most Safety Course Companies offer two classes; defensive driving and M2 course certification. If you do both courses with them, often, they will allow you to retake your M2 driving test once for free if you fail. By taking both courses it will ensure you’re confident and prepared to pass.

Did you know that obtaining your M2 motorcycle licence makes a significant difference when it comes to your insurance?

TIP #3 | M Driving Test - Completing your Motorcycle Licence journey...

Similarly to the M2, your M test can be completed through any certified Government Approved Safety Course in Ontario. The M test focuses more on your ability to ride on the road and less on how you can operate your motorcycle. Having this licence allows you to ride on all roads, highways, and freeways at any time of day.

We hope these tips are helpful and allow you the best opportunity to succeed when it comes to obtaining your motorcycle licence! Good Luck!!!



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