3 Tricks To Prepare Yourself For Any Riding Scenario

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By preparing yourself for any scenario when it comes to riding your motorcycle, you’ll increase your safety, while potentially reducing the cost of your insurance.

3 Tricks To Prepare Yourself For Any Riding Scenario, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

The goal is always to ensure your safety when riding your motorcycle and since we cannot control other drivers, we need to be prepared for various scenarios. Furthermore, avoiding accidents makes you less of a risk to insurance companies!

Check your tires!

The way air works is that it expands with heat and shrinks when it’s cold. Considering the weather we’ve experienced this summer (no complaints here) it’s important you monitor your tire pressure frequently. To avoid tire blowouts, check your tires daily to ensure you don’t over inflate them throughout the summer when it’s brutally hot outside.

Maintain traction to avoid crashes.

Traction is one of those things you don't miss until it’s gone. Water, oil, gasoline, sand, and debris are just a few things that can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. Unfortunately, all of those substances can easily be disguised as something else or just invisible to our eyes. Shade can hide even the most obvious of things.  Your first and second line of defense is your eyes and nose. If you can’t see it, pay attention to the smells around you. This could help you detect spilled fuel and oil.

Keep your distance.

Distance is your best friend as a driver. Distance allows you to react before it’s too late. For example, if the car in front of you breaks suddenly you have plenty of time to avoid the collision. It can also help you avoid getting rear-ended. If you see the car coming up on you too fast and you have space in front of you, you can pull ahead to give the car behind you time to break.

These 3 simple steps will ensure your safety when riding your motorcycle this summer. It doesn't take much to learn but the impact it could have on your life is tremendous.

Source: www.motorcyclecruiser.com


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