What the CSC Online Motorcycle Safety Course Will Teach You

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Did you know that the Canada Safety Council offers an online motorcycle safety course? New and experienced riders will learn the latest motorcycle safety tips and trends.

Online Motorcycle Safety Course, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Why this course seems like a great idea…

We must preface this by saying we have not tried this online course yet, but we are thrilled that it is being offered. Anytime someone can get valuable motorcycle safety information at a reasonable price ($39) and online is great!

According to the Canada Safety Council website, this course explains how to select proper gear and save while doing so, how to determine what type and size bike would work best for you, and licensing and insurance details.

The benefit for new riders

If you are thinking of purchasing and riding a motorcycle, this online course is a great option for you. It can help you navigate the important steps to getting your license and selecting an approved and reputable safety course.

Often, riding can be intimidating, but with this course, you’ll receive a great overview of how everything works. Including riding techniques, controls and the value in taking a Government approved motorcycle course.

The Canada Safety Council explains that this online program offers, “first-rate, best in class, multi-media sessions, and is created with custom graphics and real-world videos designed to encourage interaction and increase knowledge retention. The main goal is to keep you, the rider, safe.”

New or experienced riders will appreciate this online course as it can be a valuable refresher for those who have been riding for a while or a great introduction to riding a motorcycle!

Source: www.canadasafetycouncil.org


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