Five Easy Rules Of Riding In Groups

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Considering the great weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s a fantastic time to take a group ride. Check out these easy rules for traveling safely together.

Ten Easy Rules Of Riding In Groups, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Tips for riding your motorcycle in a group

Don’t Travel with  Large Groups

Traveling with a smaller group of people keeps you on track and together.  Imagine riding with 20 or more people – somehow, one or more people will get separated from the group.  Also, having fewer people makes it easier to ride in-formation.

Know Where You’re Going

It’s good practice to know the route and map it out beforehand so you know exactly the scenes you want to see and exactly how to get to your destination.  Planning ahead saves time because you’ll know in advance where gas stations are or where you can stop for a break.

Ride with People Who Have Similar Skills

It’s important to know who you’re traveling with so you don’t get in over your head.  If you’re a new rider, you’ll want to travel with people who have similar skills so you have an enjoyable experience and not a stressful one.  Likewise, if you are an experienced rider, you’ll want to travel with other experienced riders are confident and can keep up.

Be Cautious When Passing

If you get stuck behind a slow-moving car, each rider should pass individually; you should not assume that it’s safe to pass because the rider ahead of you is already passing.  After you pass, leave space behind you for the other riders can easily move back into formation after they pass.

Be Considerate

Always be aware of your own safety and don’t blindly follow everyone else.  But you should also consider everyone else’s safety, too.  Leave space for other riders and use hand signals when necessary.  Make sure everyone in your group is okay and enjoy the ride!

We hope you found these tips for group riding helpful and we hope you enjoy your next group travel experience with your friends! 



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