Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Winter Riding

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Are you a motorcyclist who enjoys winter riding? If you are, we’ve provided useful tips on riding your motorcycle during the winter months.

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Winter Riding, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

1| Prepare your motorcycle for winter riding

There is a lot of preparation needed to ensure you can ride your motorcycle during the winter. Protect yourself from the elements with a huge windscreen and handguards are essentially for riding in the freezing cold. Another great option is to install heated grips, you’ll be grateful for them - especially on those really cold winter mornings. Don’t forget to use fresh antifreeze!

2| If you’re riding in the snow, take it slow

Riding in the snow can be tricky, so you should slow down. Don’t rush anything and be as smooth as you can with your steering to avoid skidding and sliding.

3| You must stay warm with lots of layers

When it comes to riding in frigid temperatures it’s essential that you layer your clothing. Start with a base layer that protects your full leg and arms and get sweat resistant winter socks. Then add a heated vest, a winter jacket, waterproof over pants, protective winter gloves, chest guard, winter hat, neck, and head protective cover, and a winterized helmet, to name a few.

4| Keep your motorcycle tires in mind

Cold tires equate to limited traction.  To help heat up your tires, accelerate and then decelerate quickly for a bit; by applying your brakes and hitting the throttle, your tires will warm quickly.  Also be sure to have adequate tread on your tires.  If the tires are getting just a little worn, replace them immediately.  Traction is crucial, especially since roads are full of debris in the winter such as salt and sand.

5| Compacted snow = dangerous

When it comes to snow, compacted snow is the most dangerous as it can be incredibly slippery.  Stay alert and drive carefully!

Stay safe this winter and if you are riding make sure you take all the necessary precautions when it comes to the weather!  


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