10 Quick Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

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We know you love your motorcycle and would do anything to avoid it being stolen. Due to this, you’re going to want to read our 10 tips to help prevent motorcycle theft.

10 Quick Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Theft, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

It’s simple, we don’t want our motorcycle to be stolen and that’s why you need to check our helpful tips.  

    Are motorcycles prone to theft?

    Since they are easily accessible, motorcycles are highly prone to theft. If you enjoy cruising along the lakeshore, down a country road, or even in the city be sure to keep in mind our 10 tips to prevent motorcycle theft. 

    Ten Speedy Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

    1. Once you’ve parked your bike be sure to turn off and lock the ignition.
    2. Using brightly colored locks to discourage theft lock the forks of your bike.
    3. If traveling in a pack, lock multiple motorcycles together.
    4. If alone locate a stationary object such as a light pole and lock your bike to that; ensure the object cannot be moved or dismantled.
    5. Equip your motorcycle with an alarm that will alert you when the bike is being tampered with.
    6. Be sure that once your bike is parked you periodically check on it, especially shortly after arrival.
    7. When choosing a location to park your motorcycle try to find a spot that is in close range of a security camera, if at night under a light, and close to your room if staying at a hotel.
    8. Keep the title for your motorcycle in a safe (not so safe you lose it) place at home.
    9. Get creative and mark your bike with a unique symbol and take photographs of that. If your motorcycle is stolen, you can give this information to the police.
    10. Ensure your motorcycle registration and insurance information is always with you while riding.

    We hope our tips help you keep your motorcycle safe this season!


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