The Perfect Motorcycle Passenger

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If you double ride, you know how important your passenger is to your overall riding experience. We’ve created five steps to follow to achieve the perfect motorcycle passenger.

The Perfect Motorcycle Passenger, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

If your partner is not an experienced rider or has never been on a motorcycle before, you need to take it as an opportunity to build the perfect passenger with our helpful steps!

Did you know that in Ontario, you are required to have a Level Two (M2) license before riding with a passenger? Read more about everything you need to know before doubling up in, The Ins and Outs of Riding Double.

    How Do You Create the Perfect Motorcycle Passenger?

    You will have to read through these five simple steps to see…

    #1 Ensure Your Partner has Appropriate Riding Gear

    Make sure your passenger has a good quality helmet that is comfortable and fits, gloves, over ankle boots, thick long pants, and a riding jacket.

    #2 Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Properly Equipped

    Consider a good pillion seat, and if you have a touring motorcycle, look into installing floorboards. During the ride a comfortable passenger is a happy passenger.

    #3 Start Out Slow

    Don’t jump right into a cross country motorcycle trip.  Start with several short trips, whether it is to your favorite breakfast place or just a scenic ride. This is a good opportunity to get used to riding together.

    #4 The Passenger is the Boss

    Have a serious chat with your passenger before your first ride together and let them know they’re in charge. Tell them to tap you on the shoulder if they feel uncomfortable and you will pull the motorcycle over when safe.  

    #5 Consider a Communications System

    Buy a quality helmet-to-helmet intercom system. Being able to speak to your passenger during the ride keeps them engaged and promotes safety.

    The next time your partner nags you about spending too much time on your motorcycle, invite them to ride along and begin to build the perfect passenger. 


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