3 Motorcycle Routes in Ontario You Need to Explore

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With the fall views finally upon us, there’s no doubt you’ll be out cruising on your motorcycle.  We all have that favourite route that we ride often but if you're looking for something new, check out these three motorcycle routes in Ontario you need to explore.

4 Motorcycle Routes in Ontario You Need to Explore, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Want to explore some new and exciting motorcycle routes in Ontario? Read about three awesome routes we found here!

3 Motorcycle Routes in Ontario You Need to Explore

    #1 Georgian Bay Costal Route

    Take your motorcycle toward the beautiful blue water of Bruce Peninsula National Park, across Manitoulin Island and the base of the La Cloche mountains. Typically, this route takes about seven days, but some sections can be completed over the weekend.

    #2 Grand Algoma Route

    You won’t be disappointed with this trip, named “top motorcycle weekend in Ontario” where you’ll cruise down the winding Hwy 129. Along the route, you’ll encounter beautiful waterfalls, roadside cliffs and boreal forests, not to mention this all takes place along the shores of Lake Superior.

    #3 The Highlands Loop Route

    Near Ottawa and 1000 kilometers long, this route will take you through the Ontario Highlands. There are several motorcycle friendly attractions along the way. Be sure to schedule a few extra days into your trip so you can camp at one of the national or provincial parks nearby.

    We hope that you can take advantage of the great weather and enjoy a motorcycle ride on one of these routes. Don’t forget, we can save you money on motorcycle insurance as well, get a no-obligation quote today!

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