Never Underestimate the Influence of New Motorcycle Technology

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Technology is a major part of the motorcycle world and riders are always excited to see what new innovations will be hitting the market.  You’ll be happy to know there are some new fascinating inventions to learn about!

Never Underestimate the Influence of New Motorcycle Technology, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

As a motorcycle rider, have you heard of these new innovations using incredible technology? We think you’re going to be amazed by some of the advancements!

Technology Like You've Never Seen It: 3 New Motorcycle Innovations Worth Checking Out!

    #1 Hoverbike S3 2019

    Imagine seeing a motorcycle that can fly?  The Hoverbike incorporates incredible technology in its design and can do just that!   This single seater motorcycle weighs 250 pounds and can fly up to 16 feet above the ground at speeds up to 6 mph.  The weight of riders impacts the amount of time the model can be airborne, which is typically for only 10-25 minutes at a time.   The Hoverbike S3 2019 is fully launched and costs $150,000.

    #2 Augmented Reality Helmets

    Livemap has created a prototype helmet that allows motorcycle riders to see a virtual image 20 meters ahead, directly from a small screen on their visor.  The idea is to let riders see navigation and driving indicators in front of them while keeping their eyes on the road. The motorcycle helmet also features several other advancements in technology such as headphones, optics mic and a built-in camera light sensor.  This helmet is not ready for purchase but the price for it is estimated to be approximately $2,000.

    #3 Niken

    Yamaha Motors is at the top of the innovation list with its three-wheel Niken motorcycle.  The 2019 Niken GT can be custom built for riders with a starting price of around $20,000.  With this motorcycle, Yamaha's mission is to increase grip and stability for maximum cornering performance.  There’s roughly twice as much rubber in contact with the road and the 16.1 inch track up front produces far greater stability for riders than a single wheel.  The Niken incorporates Yamaha’s evolved Leaning Multi-Wheel and Ackerman steering technology.

    Motorcycle technology is ever-changing, and as riders ourselves, we can’t wait to be test all three of these amazing innovations! How do you feel about the advancements in motorcycle technology?

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