Five Awesome Things You Can Learn From Fall Motorcycle Rides

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Fall is finally here and motorcycle enthusiasts can’t wait to take their bikes for a ride!  Did you know there’s a lot you can learn from fall motorcycle rides?

Five Aesome Things You Can Learn From Fall Motorcycle Rides, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Are you ready to take your motorcycle for an awesome fall ride?  Here are some things you can learn along the way!

What You Can Learn from Fall Motorcycle Rides

Look Out for Deer

Fall means it’s deer season and you’ll notice them everywhere.  Collisions happen more frequently during this time of year, so you’ll want to take proper precautions.  Ensure you are wearing all your protective motorcycle gear before you ride.  Stay alert while riding and scan the sides of the roads for deer, especially between dusk and dawn.

Watch for Fallen Leaves

The views during the fall are beautiful, especially getting to witness the leaves changing colour.  However, when leaves fall to the ground, they pose a threat to motorcycle riders. Leaves that pile up on the roads can potentially hide issues like potholes so you should avoid driving through them.  When leaves get wet from rain or morning dew, they become slick.  Do your best to slow down when approaching a pile of leaves and ride around them.

Prepare for Unpredictable Weather

The temperature during fall weather can be unpredictable and we often experience extreme weather differences throughout the day.  It’s important to be prepared when you ride by bringing layers of clothing so you’re never stuck on the side of the road in cold temperatures. 

Leather is Better!

There’s something so great about riding motorcycles during the cool, fall temperatures.  During this time of year, leather should become your friend – it will help to protect you from the wind and will keep you warm while you ride.

Fall Means Morning Frost

Have you started to notice frost on the roads yet?  The cold fall nights often lead to frost in the morning.  Drive cautiously if you ride in the early morning because frosty means roads can be slippery causing your motorcycle wheels to lose traction. 

We hope you found our five awesome things you can learn from motorcycle rides in the fall helpful and we hope you enjoy the stunning views while you ride!


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