The Top 5 Reasons You Should Ride a Motorcycle

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I may be biased but, riding a motorcycle will make your life so much better. Trust me! I’ve shared the top benefits of riding for you to see.

Why You Should Ride a Motorcycle, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

It seems like everyone started riding a motorcycle for different reasons, which means that many will have their own list of benefits. That being said, I wanted to share my list, with the hope that I’d convert a couple of non-riders to start.

Five Benefits of Motorcycle Riding

    #1 Brotherhood/Sisterhood

    There isn’t anything quite like the brotherhood/sisterhood between motorcycle riders. Over the years I’ve met some of the best people while riding. You’ll see (or you know) that we wave to every bike that passes us. It doesn’t matter what type of bike, who is on it, where you are – we share a bond and it brings us together and nothing beats it.

    #2 Stress Reliever 

    Whenever I’m starting to feel stressed or pressured, I jump on my bike and hit the road. There isn’t anything like it. Motorcycle riding has the ability to dissipate my stress and strain. I promised you’ll feel restored after every ride.

    #3 Chick Magnet

    It sounds silly, but chicks love motorcycle dudes. I don’t know what it is about it, but I’m not complaining because it's a serious benefit.

    #4 Liberating & Freeing 

    There is something very freeing about riding a motorcycle. And it’s completely unique to bikes, I don’t get the same feeling from driving my car. I think it’s because of the open air and exposure to the elements that brings sheer happiness, which is a major benefit.

    #5 Joy

    Riding a motorcycle brings so much joy to my life. Not only is it wildly fun, but it’s also ridiculously entertaining. Whether it is from doing tricks, sharing stories with my buddies or seeing unique places riding brings an abundance of joy to my life.

    If you ride, do you agree with what I’ve shared? Share with us what you think are the top benefits of riding.


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