Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle on Wet Roads This Spring

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Spring is here and that means more of us will be riding our motorcycles.  It also means that the weather is often rainy so you'll find yourself riding on wet roads. 

Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle on Wet Roads This Spring, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Have you ever attempted to ride your motorcycle in the rain?  It can be fun but challenging.  There are many things to remember when riding on wet roads.  Here we provide some tips on how you can stay safe during the wet rides.

6 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle Safely on Wet Roads

#1 Wear Appropriate Motorcycle Gear

Even if it’s no longer raining, when the roads are wet,  you’ll get wet too either from cars driving past you or from your own wheels.  Ensure you are wearing appropriate gear so that you stay warm.  Being warm means you can maintain a good grip to control your motorcycle safely. 

#2 Stay Focused

Make sure you always stay focused while riding your motorcycle, especially when the roads are wet.  Slowing down will help you be able to better pay attention to the road ahead. 

#3 Avoid Hazards

There are many hazards for motorcyclists on the road such as train tracks, manholes and potholes.  These can become especially dangerous after rainfall.  Railroad track and manholes become slicker and often what looks like a puddle could be a deep pothole.  Always look ahead to where you’re driving so you have time to avoid these hazards. 

#4 Use Smooth Motions

It’s important that you don’t accelerate too quickly or brake too fast. Be prepared to break early or steer away from hazards without any sudden motions.  Slow down, especially in curves - curves become especially dangerous when the road is wet. 

#5 Find Dry Road

If you can avoid riding your motorcycle on a wet section of road, then do so!  Dry pavement offers better traction and maneuverability. 

#6 Be Cautious at Intersections

Any place in the road where cars come to a stop will have a higher concentration of oils – and the rain makes it worse.  Decrease your speed when approaching intersections so you don’t encounter a traction problem.

Riding on wet roads requires some technique but with practice, anything is possible.  Just remember to slow down and always ride your motorcycle safely. We hope you found these tips helpful and that they help to prepare you for the wet roads that often come with spring!


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