Life Changing Fall Riding Safety Tips You Need To Know

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The fall riding season is in full effect and with that comes a variety of new riding conditions. We’ve shared what you need to know about motorcycle safety this fall.

Fall Riding Safety Tips You Need to Know, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

If you’re like us and still enjoy riding your motorcycle throughout fall, you’ll want to read our insightful safety tips.

3 Simple Fall Riding Safety Tips

#1 Be Aware of Animals

Riding during the fall season means you’ll see more animals on the road, especially deer. If you didn’t know, this time of year is the mating season for deer and when they begin to migrate, making it more likely to see them on the road. Remember, always scan the side of the road and be aware of your surroundings in order to leave enough time to react should a deer or any other animal jump out in front of you. Your safety depends on it!

#2 Dress for The Weather

Unfortunately, in fall, frost is inevitable, especially in the mornings after a cold night. This can make riding a bit tricky, so always check the weather conditions before you head out on your motorcycle. Avoid driving over shaded road patches as these areas have seen less sun and are more likely to stay frosted longer.

#3 Don’t Slip…Avoid Leaves

Believe it or not, leaves pose a severe safety risk, so avoid driving over them. Both wet and dry leaves can impact riding. Wet leaves can cause slipping under your motorcycle wheels while dry leaves can cover potential potholes or other hazards. If possible, don’t drive over any pile of leaves while riding.

As one of Ontario’s most beautiful seasons, we want to make sure you get out and enjoy the scenery and fall weather on your motorcycle. Don’t forget to check out the latest fall motorcycle maintenance too. With our easy safety tips, you will be able to enjoy the fall riding season!


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