Find Out The Best Way To Use Your Motorcycle Mirrors and Increase Your Safety

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Motorcycle mirrors are rarely talked about but they are one of the most important aspects to your safety when riding. Make sure you know all about mirrors in order to increase your safety with our great tips.

Find Out The Best Way To Use Your Motorcycle Mirrors and Increase Your Safety, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We want you to be the safest you can while you ride, so read ahead to learn more about motorcycle mirrors and how to use them effectively.

Motorcycle Mirror Tips

Mirror Basics

We all know that vision is key to your safety on the roads. Your motorcycle’s mirrors are one of the best resources you have to seeing your surroundings and noticing potential hazards. Not every danger will be right in front of you; it is important to feel comfortable and confident using the mirrors on every ride to ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers, bikers, or pedestrians.

Adjust Yourself First

Your first step to using your mirrors is to make sure you are in the proper riding position on your motorcycle with proper posture. Once you are comfortable and in position, then you can go ahead and adjust your mirrors. You should adjust your motorcycle mirrors so the tops of your shoulders and elbows are shown. You want to be able to see the road behind you, your motorcycle, and either side of you. Another key tip is to make sure your mirrors are loose enough so that adjusting them is easy but not so loose that they fall.

Mirror Styles

You may have noticed the wide array of mirror styles and shapes found on different motorcycles. Of course, the style of your bike is important, so choose a mirror style you like the look of. However, if you find yourself having more visibility with a different shape of mirror, you may want to weigh your options and look into getting the mirror with better visibility. Blind spot motorcycle mirrors are also a great option that everyone should test out.

Now that you know the importance of motorcycle mirrors, use them to your advantage to increase your safety while riding. Most importantly, don’t rely solely on your mirrors for safety, use all your resources and always be aware of your surroundings!



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