Motorcycles and Earth Day: Is Riding Better for the Environment?

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Have you been secretly helping our earth as a motorcyclist without even knowing it? This Earth Day, we are setting the record straight that riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car is in fact better for the environment.

Motorcycles and Earth Day: Is Riding Better for the Environment?, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Transportation is a huge contributor to climate change, and without a doubt, your choice to ride instead of drive has a positive impact on the environment. Below, we’ve shared all the reasons why you can brag to your car-driving friends about being greener than they are.

Why Riding a Motorcycle is Better for the Earth

#1 They Use Less Gas

Many motorcycles use less gas and can return more than 50 miles per gallon. In addition to using less gas, they require far less oil and other fluids to operate. The rise in popularity of electric motorcycles provides even more of a benefit to the earth. 

#2 They Take Up Less Space

Motorcycle are smaller than cars and trucks and therefore, they take up less space both when parked and when on the road. Due to their size, they help to reduce traffic congestion and help to increase the efficiency of traffic flow. Also, because of their small size, more motorcycles can be transported from the factory to customers using the same or less energy than when transporting cars or trucks.

#3 They Are Light

Bigger is not always better, and in this case, the fact that motorcycles are compact and lighter than cars is an added bonus! Since they don't weigh nearly as much as other vehicles, it means they cause far less wear and tear on highways which contributes to a reduction in cost of infrastructure repairs. 

#4 Less Materials Are Used to Make Them

Motorcycles require significantly fewer materials to build than cars and trucks. The environmental benefit of using less materials such as plastic to produce a bike can especially be realized at the end of the bike's life. 

Not only is riding thrilling and fun, it's better for the earth. We hope you enjoy a fabulous ride this Earth Day - and the next time someone tries to tell you motorcycles aren't better for the environment, tell them to read our blog!



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