Simple Tips to Decrease Risks When Riding on Highways

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There will always be risks when riding on the roads, however there are certain increased risks when riding on highways. You can avoid these risks by following our tips below.

Simple Steps to Decrease Risks When Riding on Highways, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

There are different types of risks when riding on highways than riding on the open road due to riding at faster speeds, more vehicles, and more traffic jams. Follow these tips to help decrease your risks when riding on highways.

How to Avoid Highway Risks When Riding

Tip 1: Increase Awareness

Awareness of your surroundings is always important when riding but on the highways, a lot more happens in a shorter amount of time so awareness is crucial. If you make an effort to continuously be aware of what is happening around you, you should be able to recognize when changes are happening and where it is ideal for you to be positioned in the lane on the highways. Reducing risks while riding on the highway is all about proper positioning and timing.

Tip 2: Increase Space

To position yourself properly on the highway, you want to increase the amount of space you have when riding behind trucks or larger vehicles. This will help reduce risks on the highway as it gives you more reaction time and also more visibility.

Tip 3: Be Visible

It is important to ensure you have ideal visibility on the highway but also to make sure you are visible to other drivers, especially those of  transport trucks and other large vehicles. Being seen will help you avoid risks. To ensure you are seen as much as possible while riding on the highway, be sure to only change one lane at a time and keep an eye out for any vehicles that may move at the same time as you. Again, increasing your space between vehicles will also help to increase your visibility and reduce riding risks.

Highways can be risky for both beginner and experienced riders. Following these tips will help you reduce these risks and keep you and other drivers safe. 


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