Busting Common Motorcycle Safety Myths

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There are a lot of myths about the safety of riding a motorcycle and we’re here to set the record straight by debunking everything false.

Busting Common Motorcycle Safety Myths, StreetRider Motorcycle Insurance, Ontario

We’ve compiled some of the most common motorcycle safety riding myths to ensure you’re informed on what is true and false. If you know of other myths, share them with us

Five Common Motorcycle Safety Myths

1. Motorcycle Helmets Block Your Vision

A lot of motorcycle riders believe this myth and think that wearing a helmet blocks vision and may even deter your ability to hear. However, this myth is false. A helmet visor provides eye protection from wind and debris, so it actually enhances your ability to see and increases your safety and the safety of others. Motorcycle helmets also help to cut down on wind noise so you can hear the more important things.

2. Racing Tires Are Safer Than Road Tires

Although this myth may sound true, it isn't! Racing tires are specifically designed for certain circumstances. They work best when it is really hot out as the heat helps them to create grip. They may work well on dry roads but road tires are best for all of the different elements we ride our motorcycles in throughout the year. Read this before buying new motorcycle tires. 

3. Police Radars Don't Detect Motorcycles

This is one of the most common motorcycle safety myths we hear, and it is definitely incorrect. Many believe that because motorcycles are smaller police radars cannot pick up their speed, however, a radar can so make sure you’re watching your speed whenever you’re riding. This is not only so you don’t get fined but for the safety of yourself and the safety of everyone else on the roads. Don’t believe this in this myth!

4. Manual Brakes Are Better Than ABS

ABS is one of the best safety tools on your motorcycle! It helps you to break without locking up the tires and allows for shorter stopping distances. This myth can hinder everyone’s safety, so be sure to use ABS on your motorcycle.

5. Younger Motorcycle Riders Are More At Risk

This myth is common within the motorcycle community. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, and age isn’t a factor. So whether you’re young or old, safety should always be your number one priority when on your motorcycle.

Make sure you're not believing any motorcycle safety myths. Keep your safety and the safety of others in mind every time you’re on your motorcycle.



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