Solutions You Need to Fix Your Canadian Winter Motorcycle Riding Problems

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There’s a reason many Canadian motorcycle riders store their bikes for the winter. Many problems can arise during winter riding, but we have the solutions to keep you riding all year!

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Don’t be gloomy all winter long waiting for the sun to come back so you can get riding again. Use our solutions to common Canadian winter riding problems so you can be an all-season rider this year!  

Canadian Winter Riding Problems

Problem #1: Cold Engines

Even those with great engines still have troubles in the winter when starting their motorcycles. A cold engine means your motorcycle has low battery power. Gas also has a harder time vaporizing in cold temperatures, so your motorcycle is likely to struggle in the winter. A solution to this problem is to upgrade your ignition coil to kickstart your riding. You can also find a battery with cold crackling amperes. Finally, be sure to use a low viscosity oil, the thinner the oil is the better when it comes to Canadian winter riding!

Problem #2: Trying to Stay Warm

This winter riding problem can often lead motorcycle riders to wait it out until the warmer weather appears. But we have some solutions to help keep you warm during our freezing Canadian winters, so you’ll want to keep riding all year! We highly recommend you wear full-length finger gloves, as your hands are one of the most important places to trap heat! You should also be layering your clothing and wearing thermal gear for winter riding! You can even have a different jacket for the winter riding season that is made to keep you warm!

Problem #3: Salt Corrosion

Salt corrosion on your motorcycle is a struggle many Canadian riders have to deal with, but there are some solutions! Try using a corrosion protectant spray. This will help to reduce marks from the salt. Even with this spray, you should still prioritize washing your motorcycle quite often during the winter season to keep it in its best shape!

These solutions will help keep your motorcycle in its best condition for winter riding!



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