5 Tips to Help you Sell your Motorcycle

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If you are looking to sell a motorcycle, then you have come to the right place! Check out our 5 tips to help you successfully sell your bike.

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If you are a lifelong motorcycle rider then it’s safe to say you will probably sell a couple bikes throughout your life. That is exactly why we thought we would share some tips! These tips have been adapted from Justin W. Coffey’s article in RideApart.

1| Understand what you’re selling & be honest

It is essential you know exactly what it is you are selling - be very specific with the year, model, the alphanumeric designation, and the bike’s history. We all know that listing a bike as a Harley-Davidson doesn't mean anything if you haven't included the designations, such as FXDB, FXDC, FXD, etc. If you are specific and honest with the potential buyer it will be to your advantage, as it will save you time and only bring in serious shoppers. 

2 | Use Social Media, it's your friend

Take advantage of Social Media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. - they're free to use and a great way to advertise your motorcycle. Follow the next step (take GREAT pictures) and use them online, that way your friends/network can share and get the word out - increasing your audience. Furthermore, you can find forums associated with the particular motorcycle you are trying to sell, which is ideal as it is your target purchasing audience.

3 | Pictures are essential

Some people think that taking pictures is easy but you want to make sure the pictures of your bike are clear - check out our blog on The Best Way to Photograph your Motorcycle. 

4 | Only entertain serious purchasers & offers

Don't waste your time, only speak with those who are actually interested in purchasing your bike. They will be apparent because their questions will be specific.  In addition, determine a price you are willing to accept before you meet with the interested purchaser - but always inflate it slightly so there is some room to negotiate. 

5 | Seal the Deal

In order to actually make the sale, you have to be available and willing to meet with potential buyers and have the bike accessible and in ready-to-sell condition.  Again, be transparent with the prospective owner - let them know what you have done to the bike and why, how long you’ve had it and why you are selling it.  

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