How to Get That Spot Free Shine

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There is no better feeling than turning heads with your spotless and clean motorcycle. We have a few tips to consider the next time you wash your bike.

Motorcycle Washing: How to Get That Spot Free Shine, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Isn’t it the best when you’re cruising with a clean motorcycle and the sun reflects off the chrome perfectly? How do you get your bike to this point of eye-catching perfection?  Don’t worry, we’ve outlined what you need to do.

Tips and Tricks for a Clean Eye-Catching Bike:

    #1 Consider the Materials Your Motorcycle is Constructed of

    Is there anodized aluminum, bare aluminum or chrome? Each material requires a specific cleaner. Get the wrong one and it could cause permanent damage to the surface of your motorcycle.

    #2 Consider the Type of Paint You have

    What kind of paint do you have? If you have matte, glossy, new, or old paint you will require different products. For example, newer motorcycles will often have a clear coat that requires special attention.

    #3 Never Wash a Hot Bike

    When you wash your motorcycle ensure that the engine is cool enough that you can touch it. It is also important to wash your bike in the shade, mineral deposits become much more aggressive when heated making water spots much harder to clean. 

    #4 The Products you Clean With

    A good wash has a pH balance between 6 and 8, this will prevent paint damage. If you have swirls or scuff marks on your paint a good compound will take them off. DON’T use compounds on matte finishes; you will damage your paint.  Wax is important, it is like sunscreen for your bike, reapply it regularly for maximum protection.

    We hope to see you zipping by on your clean freshly washed motorcycle with a head-turning shine soon! 


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