How the Sun is Sucking the Life Out of Your Motorcycle

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You may think you’re protecting your motorcycle from everything causing it damage. But, we guarantee you’re overlooking a major threat; the sun.

How the Sun is Sucking the Life Out of Your Motorcycle, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Did you know that the sun is taking years off the life of your motorcycle?! It’s true! That’s why we’ve outlined some helpful tips on how those dangerous sun rays are damaging your motorcycle!

4 Ways the Sun is Damaging Your Motorcycle

    #1 The Paint Job

    Just like your car the sun can damage your motorcycle’s paint job. If constantly exposed to the sun the paint on your motorcycle can become 2 to 3 shades lighter.

    >> To prevent this, park your motorcycle in a shaded area, use a cover when possible, wash it regularly to remove dirt, and wax it twice a season.

    #2 The Fuel

    As the sun heats up your bike the fuel temperature rises, resulting in it turning into a gas which slowly escapes through the fuel lid. This simply means you will be visiting the gas station more frequently than you’d desire.

    #3 The Oil

    Use synthetic oil as this is not affected by the sun or weather.  When using a standard mineral oil the rising temperature causes the oil to break down causing it to lose its viscosity and affect the performance and life of your engine.

    #4 The Accessories 

    Your motorcycle is littered with accessories made of plastic, rubber, or pleather; unfortunately, the sun can really shorten the life of these things. The sun can cause these accessories to become hard or brittle, and eventually break at the worst time. Protect these accessories by storing your bike in a cover or shaded location.

    We hope we have convinced you to keep your motorcycle out of the sun when possible to help extend its life!


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