Safety Tips When Riding with a Passenger

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One of the best things about riding a motorcycle is double riding with someone on the back. Having a passenger changes the experience, especially with a newbie - it's extremely thrilling.

Safety Tips When Riding Your Motorcycle with a Passenger, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Riding with a passenger can be very enjoyable and a fun way to spend time with someone. But there are many things to remember in order to ride safely. Here we share some safety tips for both you and your passenger.

Five Safety Tips for Riding Double

#1 Extra Weight

Adding a passenger means adding weight to your motorcycle which impacts suspension, acceleration, and braking. Make sure your brakes are in good condition to help stop the heavier load and that your suspension is adjusted for the extra weight. Also, check the owner’s manual for weight restrictions.

#2 Mounting the Motorcycle

Let your passenger know when it’s safe to mount the motorcycle.  Ensure the passenger pegs are down and that the motorcycle is completely upright.  Your legs should be braced as your passenger gets on. 

#3 Hold on Tight

You should advise your passenger to hold on to you tightly.  Having a loose grip means they can slam into you when you stop, and they won’t feel like they’re going to fall off when you accelerate. 

#4 Stopping

Tell your passenger to keep their feet on the footpegs when you come to a stop, and not put them down to the ground. Doing this could cause the bike to tip over due to the bike not staying balanced.

#5 Turning

Let your passenger know to stay straight during the ride, even on the turns. They shouldn’t lean in the opposite direction of the turn.

Additional Tips For Riding Double

Tips for Rider:

  • Ensure that your passenger is wearing appropriate gear that fits them properly
  • Agree on hand signals before you depart such as ones to signal pull over, slow down, etc. You should also advise your passenger how to communicate with other riders.
  • Avoid high speeds or dramatic lean angles
  • You may want to purchase passenger handholds if you ride with someone else often
  • Break early to account for the extra stopping distance

Tips for Passenger:

  • Don’t mount the bike until the kickstand is up and the driver says to do so
  • Wrap your hands around the driver’s waist to hold on
  • Avoid sudden movements that could affect the motorcycle’s handling
  • Always keep your feet on the footrest and don’t put them down at a stop
We hope you found these safety tips helpful and that you enjoy riding with your passenger


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