8 Fall Riding Hazards That You Might Not Expect

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The fall weather is here, and while there are still plenty of riding days left, this new season brings different hazards to motorcycle riders.  

8 Fall Riding Hazards You Might Not Expect, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

With changing weather and temperatures comes new riding conditions.  It’s easy to forget how different summer and fall motorcycle riding can be, so we have compiled a list of important hazards to be aware of during the fall riding season.

Be Aware of These 8 Fall Riding Hazards 

Dry and Wet Leaves

These can both be very hazardous. Dry leaves tend to pile up on the roads which can cover up potholes and other inconsistencies. When the leaves are wet, they become very slippery and difficult to see in shaded areas. This can be very dangerous to ride over top of.

Deer Migration and Mating Season

This season dramatically increases deer movement and appearances on roads due to migration and mating season. You will need to keep an extra eye out especially at dusk and dawn.

Sunlight Glare

As the sun sits lower in the sky, and trees lose more of their leaves leaving them bare, the sun glare becomes a very prominent hazard in the fall. Make sure you are wearing proper sunglasses and be cautious of this when heading out on your motorcycle.

Getting Darker Quicker

A lot of the riding you may do will most likely be in the dark, so it is a good idea to ensure your motorcycle's lights, brakes, and turn signals are all in perfect working condition.

Cold Tires

Tires with hard rubber is ideal for colder climates. Sporty tires that have softer rubber are definitely ideal for the summer when their traction grabs on to the road very easily. However, once the cold weather arrives, they become hard and the traction is gone.

Cold Riders

Being cold isn’t only uncomfortable but it also causes fatigue. Sometimes you won’t notice how tired you have become until you have stopped riding or taken a break. It is important to stay hydrated, take regular stops, and wear appropriate clothing for the temperature.

Icy Roads

Cold mornings and nights can cause icy roads when we are least expecting it! Make sure to stay clear of shaded areas as those spots will ice over first. Also ensure you are aware of changing temperature and riding conditions throughout the day as autumn brings rapid weather changes.

Improper Gear

Staying warm is very important, however, layering a lot of clothing is not the ideal way to do so. Heated clothing keeps you warm and doesn’t weigh you done causing you even more fatigue. You need to wear warm gear but maintain comfort for a safe ride.

Fall doesn’t necessarily mean more hazards for riding but certainly different ones that we need to be aware of. As long as you recognize these changes and are prepared to deal with them, your motorcycle rides should be safe and enjoyable!


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