Our Top Garage Safety Tips for Beginners

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Garage safety is extremely important but seems to be something many beginners aren’t aware of. Learning safety tips and tricks is the first step to becoming the best motorcycle rider you can be!

Our Top Garage Safety Tips for Beginners, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

As a motorcycle rider, you probably spend a lot of time in the garage. We’d like to highlight some of our top garage safety tips, not only for beginners, but for all motorcycle enthusiasts who need some reminders.

Top 4 Garage Safety Tips

#1 Safety Equipment

Using safety equipment, like gloves and protective eye wear, is something that many people skim right by. These are very important in order to keep you safe when you are doing any kind of work on your motorcycle. It may seem unnecessary, but you should wear protective equipment when working in the garage, before anything happens and before it’s too late. Always be on the safe side!

#2 Proper Tools

Not only will the using the correct tools make your garage work easier but it will also make it safer! As a beginner, the use of improper tools can damage your bike and create even more problems in the process. Start your beginner's motorcycle repair journey right by taking the time to learn how to use the proper tools.

#3 Be Aware and Go Slowly

With instructions, labels, and physically using the tools, it is important to take your time and fully understand the project you are about to tackle. This goes for all riders, not just beginners. Going slowly usually results in more careful, precise movements that will help keep you and your motorcycle safe.

#4 Educate Yourself

If you educate yourself, you will be able to predict potential hazards and act accordingly. If you have no idea what may happen, this makes it more difficult to be cautious. Safety should always be your main priority. Before you start, learn all about potential garage dangers and once you begin working, stay alert to stay safe!

Working on your own motorcycle and making repairs throughout the season is a very rewarding process that all beginners should try to get into. Just ensure that you stay safe by working slowly and following our garage safety tips!

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