Tips You Need to Complete Long Motorcycle Projects

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Whether long motorcycle projects are new to you or you are looking for some tips to help with your long-term project, you should always follow these tips for best results.

Tips You Need to Complete Long Motorcycle Projects, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

If you've decided you're up for the challenge of completing a long-term motorcycle project, these tips will assist you in saving money and time, and will help to keep your motorcycle materials in the best shape possible.

Long-Term Motorcycle Project Tips  

1. Climate Control 

It is in your best interest to store your motorcycle in a climate-controlled area when conducting a long repair project. This could mean an enclosed garage, storage unit, or a climate-controlled enclosure that you built yourself. This tip will help keep your motorcycle parts in their ideal condition.

2. Indoor Storage

Another great tip is to store some parts in your home when possible. Consider bringing some of the more sensitive motorcycle pieces into your house for storage during various stages of the long repair project in order to keep them protected.

3. Stay Organized

One of our best tips is organization! We recommend keeping small pieces from your motorcycle inside plastic baggies throughout the project to ensure they don’t get lost or fall into areas of the motorcycle during repairs. To ensure the rest of your materials stay together you may want to invest in some large rubber bins. Since this is a long project, investing in proper storage will be worth your while. This will help you to stay organized, know where all of your motorcycle parts are, and keep them all in good shape throughout the long process.

4. Rotate Motorcycle Parts Regularly

If your motorcycle is placed on the ground throughout your long project, move it from one side to another and back and forth periodically. If the motorcycle is sitting on the same side all the time, different parts, such as the wheels, may become deformed. A couple of extra tips would be to add some oil to open cylinders since they are likely to get rusty, and rotate pistons since they should be moved regularly. 

These tasks may feel useless to you in the moment but in the long run these will assist your long-term project and ensure you are making the most of your time. After all, if you don’t take care of your materials, it could end up costing you more money in the future, defeating the purpose of completing a long motorcycle project on your own.



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