Discover The Best Ways to Have Fun on A Solo Motorcycle Ride

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You don't need a huge group of friends to ride with in order to have fun. Learn how to have fun while on a solo motorcycle ride too with our tips below.

Discover the Best Ways to Have Fun on a Solo Ride, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Don’t pass up a chance to go on a motorcycle ride you’ve been dreaming of just because you’ll have to it on your own. Our tips will help you have just as much fun on a solo ride as you would with a group of friends! 

Solo Ride Tips

Tip 1: Be Prepared

The best way to ensure you'll have a fun time on a solo ride is to do all you can to make sure the ride goes smoothly. Ensure your trip is pre-planned and you are stocked up on water and snacks, or any other items you may need while on the road. We suggest bringing a paper map with you in case the cell service isn’t great where you are headed.

Tip 2: Be Comfortable

Being comfortable while on a solo ride is very important. Be sure to wear the proper gear for the weather and gear you know is comfortable for you. This isn’t the ideal time to be breaking in new gear. You should also adjust your motorcycle before heading out so you don’t get sore or injured while on your solo ride.

Tip 3: Ride Somewhere New

A solo ride in itself can be a very empowering experience, but if you take it one step further by going somewhere new, it can be even more fun and can even help build confidence as a solo rider.

Tip 4: Take It All In

Don’t forget to actually take the time to have fun on your solo ride. Stop frequently to enjoy the views and scenery. Be sure to take pictures of your fun solo ride too so you can look back on the memories and share them with friends and family.

With our tips, you can get out of your comfort zone and have fun while going on a solo ride. So many motorcycle adventures await! 


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