The 4 Best Ways to Take a Group Motorcycle Trip

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Motorcycles are about adventure and the journey - not just the destination. With a group of people taking a motorcycle trip together, that journey can be even better!

The 4 Best Ways to Take a Group Motorcycle Trip, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We all know that motorcycles are not just for getting you to work or going to the grocery store. Here are some of the best ways to go on group motorcycle trips with different kinds of company.

Four Group Motorcycle Trips to Take

#1 Beginner's Group

It’s important to know everyone’s motorcycle riding abilities before heading out so you can plan accordingly. If there are beginners in the group, you should look for a fully paved route that is relatively flat. Don’t think of this trip as boring, rather, think of it as a calm trip that will make everyone in your motorcycle group happy.

#2 Intimate and Personal Group

If you have a smaller group or are looking to spend some time with someone special, you should try a self-guided trip. While guided tours can be very interesting, the ability to make the trip yours, stop when you need to, and spend a lot of time with the ones you go with is something special. A smaller motorcycle group can be just as fun as a larger group, if not more enjoyable.

#3 Corporate Retreat Group

This may be an ideal situation for a guided tour. Corporate motorcycle retreats are a great way to team build and learn a lot about the area you are riding in! Do your research to find out if there are any guided bike tours near you!

#4 Adventure Junky Group

Now for those of us who are looking for something more exciting and who are at the riding level for an adventurous trip, definitely check out some unpaved, rugged routes. There are a lot of options for these kinds of rides, you just need to ensure that everyone in your motorcycle group will be comfortable with the conditions.

However you decide to ride, and wherever you decide to take a trip, you can make it enjoyable by surrounding yourself with a great group of friends. Be sure to share this with your favourite riding buddies and try out a new motorcycle adventure together soon!



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