Your New Favourite Motorcycle Roads in Ontario

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Ontario is home to some wonderful hidden gems when it comes to scenery and destinations. Here are our top five favourite motorcycle roads in Ontario that will soon be your favourite to explore this summer, too!

Your New Favourite Ontario Motorcycle Roads, StreetRider Motorcycle Insurance, Ontario

Take advantage of this beautiful summer weather while it lasts and take your motorcycle out to experience some of Ontario’s best roads it has to offer.

5 Best Ontario Motorcycle Roads

1. Centennial Lake Road/Highway 508

This road isn’t perfect but it’s one of the best and most enjoyable motorcycle rides with lots of rock cut and elevation as well as some fun twists and turns!

Region: Ontario’s Highlands

2. Lakeshore Road/County Road 42

This is a beautiful ride right along the waterfront. This road takes you all the way to Turkey Point, which is one of Ontario’s most beautiful beaches.

Region: Ontario’s Southwest

3. Highway 64 from Sturgeon Falls to Marten River

This road is everything a motorcycle rider wants. It has the perfect mix of scenery, road quality, and enjoyment level. You will see lots of small cottages, rocks, lakes, and be able to ride some fun twisting turns,

Region: Northeastern Ontario 

4. Niagara Parkway

Sometimes these roads can become busy in the summer and that’s because it is such a nice route for motorcycle riders and drivers. It has great road quality and scenery, and is even close to Niagara Falls. This may be a bucket list ride if you’ve never seen The Ontario Falls.

Region: Niagara, Ontario

5. TransCanada Highway 17 from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

If you’re riding your motorcycle to go see some Ontario scenery, these roads are for you! One of the most scenic routes in Ontario, there are beautiful mountains and valleys, and It isn’t all just straight and flat, so whether you're riding alone or with a group, you won't be bored on this route.

Region: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Enjoy the summer in Ontario with these beautiful and enjoyable motorcycle roads we think are a must ride!  


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