Learn Proper Motorcycle Positioning Techniques for Your Safety

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Motorcycle riders have advantages and disadvantages by being the smallest vehicle on the road, but you can use your size to ensure your safety if you are properly positioning your motorcycle.

Learn Proper Motorcycle Positioning Techniques for Your Safety, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Whether you're a new or seasoned rider, it's always good to review proper motorcycle positioning tips. Your safety depends on it!

Motorcycle Positioning Tips

1. Create a Space Bubble

The key to proper lane positioning while on a motorcycle is using the advantage of being a smaller vehicle. Motorcycles, unlike cars, have more room within the lane to use. If a car is driving beside you on your left, ride more to the right of your lane and vice versa. If you have cars on both sides of you, ride your motorcycle in the middle of your lane for optimal safety.

2. Make Yourself Visible

Another great way to ensure your safety when positioning your motorcycle is to stay visible to other vehicles. Stay out of blind spots as best as you can while riding a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle. This positioning can sometimes be difficult when there is traffic, but it is good to keep in mind for your safety as vehicles change lanes.

Following these two top tips for proper lane positioning is crucial for your safety. Be sure to try these out next time you’re on your motorcycle and keep practicing until this way of riding becomes a habit.

Source: www.motorcycle.com  


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