Important Criteria You Must Know to Obtain an Ontario Motorcycle Insurance

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Discover whether you’re eligible for motorcycle insurance in Ontario with this list of restrictions. The criteria for motorcycle insurance are straight forward but necessary to be eligible!

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Stop wondering if you can get motorcycle insurance and understand the criteria now.

Motorcycle Insurance Criteria

1. Motorcycle License

To be eligible for motorcycle insurance the first thing you must make sure you have is a motorcycle licence. This is the first step to complete to meet the criteria for obtaining motorcycle insurance.

2. Riding History

Your motorcycle riding history will have an impact on your eligibility for motorcycle insurance. If you have an accident history, the details of your accident as well as the time that has passed since your accident will be considered. If you use your motorcycle for racing or competitions, you will likely be unable to obtain insurance from most brokers.

3. Modifications

Certain motorcycle modifications may not be approved for motorcycle insurance including those done to the motorcycle frame or that increase the motorcycle’s power over by more than 25 cc’s.

4. Insurance History

Your ability to obtain motorcycle insurance will be dependent on other criteria including your insurance and legal history. If you have convicted insurance fraud within the past 10 years this will heavily affect your ability to meet the criteria for motorcycle insurance. Other incidences that may affect obtaining insurance include non-payments or refusal to provide the proper information requested by your insurance company.

Now you can be sure whether you are eligible for motorcycle insurance here in Ontario. Once you meet this criteria, you’re ready to obtain insurance and get out on the roads!



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