Our Best Safety Advice to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

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As motorcycle riders, we are extra vulnerable to accidents, especially considering we're less protected and noticeable on the road. We've shared how to avoid common motorcycle accidents for your safety.

Our Best Safety Advice to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents, StreetRider Motorcycle Insurance, Ontario

As motorcycle riders, it is our responsibility to stay safe on the road and do our best to avoid dangerous situations. This helps ensure our safety and the safety of others. Here are some of the most common motorcycle accidents and some tips on how to avoid them.

Three Common Motorcycle Accidents

1. Slippery Roads

Rain is dangerous to motorcycle riders for a couple of reasons. It makes the roads slick as it causes oil to come out of the road, and it limits visibility for all drivers. And sadly, as we know too well in these situations driver should, but often don’t, increase their following distance. A lot of accidents can happen due to the rain. If possible, try to avoid riding your motorcycle in the rain for at least an hour after significant rainfall, so the oil gets washed away. Another way to avoid accidents in the rain is to ensure your tires are proper and in great condition before heading out on the roads.

2. Turning Corners

It is very easy to lose control on a motorcycle when you’re turning corners, especially when there is gravel, sand, or water. Try your best to avoid gravel and approach corners with a responsible speed that you know you will have control of. If you do start to slip, try to avoid panicking or slamming on your brakes. Keep your eyes where you want your motorcycle to go and lean into the turn.

3. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcycle drives between lanes in traffic to get out of a traffic jam quickly. You should avoid doing this as it can be very dangerous and cause easily avoidable accidents. If you do this, you can catch other drivers off-guard, or they may not even see you at all. It isn’t safe to be that close to other vehicles as a motorcycle rider.

Riding a motorcycle does put your safety at risk, so take your safety into your own hands by being a responsible motorcycle rider and taking these safety precautions to avoid accidents.



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