Riding in the Wind Tips You May Not Have Known

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Riding in windy conditions can be dangerous and scary. You can ensure your safety by controlling the way you ride your motorcycle in the wind and we have tips to help. 

Riding in the Wind Tips You May Not Have Known, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Unfortunately, we never have control over the weather.  The type of motorcycle and the way we ride it should always be considerations when riding in wind and other harsh weather. 

Which Motorcycle is Best for Riding in Wind?

There is no one motorcycle that is best for the wind. Larger motorcycles will help you from being pushed over by the wind easily whereas smaller ones can escape the path of the wind easier than taller motorcycles. There are benefits to various sizes so it's up to you what motorcycle you would be most comfortable riding.  

Tips for Riding in Wind

#1 Crosswind 

Crosswind is wind coming from either side of you and is one of the most difficult types of wind to deal with; it can easily push you, so you have to make sure your body is loose and that you are not panicked.

  • Try to ride your motorcycle behind the windscreen as best as possible.
  • You can stick your knee out in the direction of the crosswind to catch oncoming wind flowing around motorcycle. So, if the crosswind is coming from the left, stick your left knee out and it will act as a sort of sail.
  • Along with your knee, you could also lean in the direction of the crosswind.
  • You can counteract the weight in the direction of the crosswind. If the crosswind is coming from the right, try to seat more on the right side of your motorcycle seat to help shift your weight.

#2 Headwind

Headwind is wind coming directly in front of you and it's a little easier to deal with than crosswind - it's also a little less dangerous!

  • The main idea is to try to reduce your frontal area. Ride low on your motorcycle and make sure your arms and legs are tucked in close to the bike to be as streamlined as possible.
  • Headwind will slow you down so make sure you are aware of this. If ever you are riding at an unsafe speed, it might be best to stop, rest, or choose a new route!

#3 Tailwind

Tailwind is wind coming up behind you and is the easiest kind of wind to deal with.

  • It will cause you to ride a little faster so you will need to ensure you are leaving some extra stopping distance.
  • Similar to headwind, you should focus on tucking in your arms and legs and riding low. 

The techniques we have provided will help you stay safe and be confident while riding your motorcycle in the wind. Try them all out and see which ones work best for you! No matter what, if you don’t feel safe, it is best to stop riding and save it for another day!


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