Top 5 Memorable Father’s Day Gifts for Your Motorcycle Loving Dad

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Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for your motorcycle loving dad? He deserves the best, so we’re sharing some of our favourite motorcycle gift ideas.

Top 5 Memorable Father's Day Gifts for Your Motorcycle Loving Dad, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Show your dad you care with these awesome motorcycle gifts that are perfect for Father’s Day. 

Father's Day Motorcycle Gifts

1. Apparel

There are many different motorcycle clothing brands to choose from, but if he has a favourite, you can gift him a simple shirt from the brand and he will be sure to wear it on and off the road. Motorcycle apparel is a must for any motorcycle loving dad, so this is a simple and easy gift we know your dad will love.

2. Gear

This type of gift may be a bit trickier to buy for your dad for Father's Day if you don't know what motorcycle gear he is in need of. If you notice any of his gear isn't in the best shape, or if he is missing some of the basics, giving motorcycle gear as a gift for Father's Day is a great way to help him ensure he is riding safely and comfortably.

3. Tools and Riding Items

Maybe your dad goes to the motorcycle shop for every repair and you think he would enjoy learning about how to fix and tune up his motorcycle himself - you can enroll him into a basic motorcycle tune-up course. Or perhaps your dad already does his own repairs and is in need of some extra tools. You may even consider buying your dad motorcycle cleaning supplies since avid riders love to ride a clean bike and take pride in keeping their motorcycle in pristine conditions. 

4. Off-Road Entertainment

Motorcycle riders need something to do even on the days when riding conditions are not ideal. There are tons of books and movies about motorcycles that will be a perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day. Not only will he enjoy watching movies that focus on his passion for motorcycles, but you can watch the movies with him and this extra quality time together will be the best part of the gift.

Give your motorcycle loving dad the Father's Day gift he deserves this year. We hope some of our ideas will help make shopping for your dad a little easier. 


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