Winter Motorcycle Activities to Keep You Busy in The Off Season

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Every winter motorcycle riders throughout Ontario have to put away their motorcycles and count down the days to the summer season. But there are lots of fun activities you can do this winter!

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The winter may not be as thrilling as the summer for us motorcycle riders, but it can be a good time to get things done and to spend your time with other motorcycle activities other than riding!

Winter Motorcycle Activities

1. Prep & Check

The winter season is one of the best times to do every single maintenance task on your motorcycle that you’ve been wanting to keep on top of. You now have the time to check where your motorcycle needs the most TLC and you can even create a big checklist to work on throughout the whole winter!

2. Motorcycle Shows & Conventions

Attending motorcycle shows and conventions can be really fun and interesting winter motorcycle activity. You can meet motorcycle friends, learn a lot, and you can stay up to date what’s new in the motorcycle world! This activity will keep your love for motorcycles alive and well throughout the winter season and will make you feel like you haven’t had the bike locked up for months!

3. Motorcycle Dream Modifications

Not only is the winter season a great time to do regular maintenance activity on your motorcycle but it’s also the perfect time to get started on those dream modifications you’ve always wanted to do! Dream mods on your motorcycle can often be expensive and can take months to complete. While you’re saving some money through the winter on gas and you have all the time in the world for your motorcycle to be in repairs, you better get started on this winter activity so your dream mods are complete for the upcoming season!

Be sure to enjoy yourself this winter season even if you won’t be riding through it, your motorcycle may be off the roads but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun winter motorcycle activities for you to do in the meantime! 


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