Check out the upcoming Motorcycle Events in Ontario

Check out all the upcoming motorcycle events throughout Ontario.

A Helpful Guide to Increase Your Visibility on Your Motorcycle

As a motorcycle rider, you are the smallest vehicle on the road, which means you are the most difficult to see. Here's how you can increase your visibility for your safety.

Learn How to Avoid Fall Foliage Distracted Riding

The beautiful fall foliage is one of the best things about living in Ontario and we love to see it every year. While it can cause distracted riding, we have helpful tips to prevent this from happening.

Smart Ways to Stay Safe While Riding During Deer Season

Did you know fall is the time of year when you’re most likely to see deer while riding? During deer season there are a few tips you should follow to keep yourself safe while riding your motorcycle - check them out below.

Make Your Fall Touring Motorcycle Trip the Best it Can Be

Even though we are approaching the fall season, we want to extend motorcycle riding as much as possible. Read our tips on how to make the most out of fall touring.

Busting Common Motorcycle Safety Myths

There are a lot of myths about the safety of riding a motorcycle and we’re here to set the record straight by debunking everything false.

Your New Favourite Motorcycle Roads in Ontario

Ontario is home to some wonderful hidden gems when it comes to scenery and destinations. Here are our top five favourite motorcycle roads in Ontario that will soon be your favourite to explore this summer, too!

Beginner's Guide: Summer Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

As motorcycle owners, each summer we need to do specific checks and maintenance on our bike(s), as this ensures our motorcycles are safe for the roads even after being put away at the end of the season.

Our Best Safety Advice to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

As motorcycle riders, we are extra vulnerable to accidents, especially considering we're less protected and noticeable on the road. We've shared how to avoid common motorcycle accidents for your safety.

Event | Ride for SickKids ​| August 8, 2021

Ride for SickKids is on Sunday, August 8, 2021. 

Event | Memorial Ride for Residential School Children ​| July 1, 2021

Memorial Ride for Residential School Children is on Thursday, July 1, 2021. 

Discover The Best Ways to Have Fun on A Solo Motorcycle Ride

You don't need a huge group of friends to ride with in order to have fun. Learn how to have fun while on a solo motorcycle ride too with our tips below.

Simple Tips to Decrease Risks When Riding on Highways

There will always be risks when riding on the roads, however there are certain increased risks when riding on highways. You can avoid these risks by following our tips below.

The Ultimate Checklist for Your Pre-Ride Motorcycle Inspection

The best way to ensure your safety while on your motorcycle is to always conduct a pre-ride motorcycle inspection. Follow these steps before you ride to help keep everyone safe on the roads!

Our Best Tips on How to Make New Motorcycle Friends to Ride With

Finding new motorcycle friends to ride with is not always easy but it is worth the trouble! Don’t stop yourself from having the rides of your life - meet new motorcycle friends with these tips!

Top 5 Memorable Father’s Day Gifts for Your Motorcycle Loving Dad

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for your motorcycle loving dad? He deserves the best, so we’re sharing some of our favourite motorcycle gift ideas!

Event | Charity Motorcycle Ride | July 17

Charity Motorcycle Ride is on Saturday, July 17, 2021.

Event | 25th Hearst HOG Poker Run, Party, Bike Draw | August 6-7

25th Hearst HOG Poker Run, Party, Bike Draw is on Friday, August 6-7, 2021.

Event | Motorcycle Weekend ​| June 11 - 13

Motorcycle Weekend is on Friday, June 11-13, 2021.

Event | Bomb the Bruce ​| July 17

Bomb the Bruce is on Saturday, July 17, 2021.

Event | 2021 Torch Ride ​| August 21

2021 Torch Ride is on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

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